Owner FAQs

Answers to your common questions

  • Q: How do you find tenants?

    A: We have a strong marketing program to attract prospective tenants. We implement all current available resources to secure qualified tenants as quickly as possible. Here is a short list our leasing managers utilize:
    • Property listed on multiple listing services
    • Utilize internet sites to expand visibility
    • Our rental list
    • Yard signs
    • Advertising in local publications
    • Broker & tenant referral programs
  • Q: How do you screen prospective tenants?

    A: The most important thing we can do is qualify the tenants we place in your property to the best of our ability. We want to place the proper tenant every time we can; this is accomplished by performing a thorough background check. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Civil search for any evictions or litigation
    • Criminal search for any felonies
    • FDLE sexual predators search
    • Terrorist alert list
    • Social security number verification
    • Credit check to determine individuals ability to handle obligations
    • Employment verification
    • Rental check for previous 5 years
    • Cross reference addresses from rental application against credit report
  • Q: What happens after you accept a tenant?

    A: Upon acceptance of the tenant we require that they give us a non-refundable reservation fee to take the property off the market. That is normally equal to one month’s rent and will be credited at move-in as their first month’s rent. Our leases are annual and have been written by an attorney who specializes in Landlord/Tenant Law. Leases are continuously reviewed and updated to stay current with any changes in local and state laws. Tenant responsibilities are clearly defined to ensure our ability to enforce lease requirements.
  • Q: What happens if the tenant doesn’t pay their rent?

    A: A tenants rent is due on the 1st and is considered late on the 5th. We generally issue late notices (the required collection tool for unpaid rent) after the 6th of the month. This notice requires them to pay their rent within a specific number of days after the date it was delivered (excluding weekends and holidays.) In the event that rent is not received by the expiration of the late notice, we will have the attorney file eviction against the tenant. This normally takes about 2-3 months.
  • Q: What happens when the property becomes vacant?

    A: Tenants are required to give thirty days’ notice prior to vacating. Once we receive a notice to vacate we will begin marketing the property immediately. When the property is empty, we conduct a “move out” inspection. We make any appropriate claims against the security deposit. We then recommend to the owner any necessary repairs after approval and funding is secured, we begin making the property ready to be leased again. This is always a great time to address any major improvements also.
  • Q: What repairs are the tenants responsible for?

    A: The tenants are responsible for checking their smoke detectors and changing the batteries bi-annually. Any clogged toilets, drains, jammed garbage disposals, abuse, misuse or neglect of the property are the tenant’s responsibility. Owners are responsible if plumbing issues are a result of a crushed pipe or roots in the line. Pest control is the tenant’s responsibility in single family homes, condos, townhouses, and in multi-family units of less than four units.
  • Q: What about emergency maintenance?

    A: We have someone on our staff available and on call seven days a week, 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency.
  • Q: How do you handle maintenance requests?

    A: All non-emergency requests are either phoned or emailed to the customer service department; they are in turn logged and tracked to prevent frivolous or fraudulent requests.
  • Q: What happens once you find a qualified tenant?

    A: Even though we found and secured a tenant, our work is just getting started. Now we take care of the day to day operations of insuring your investment will perform to your expectations.
  • Q: How do you handle the accounting & reporting to owners?

    A: Collection and distribution of rent payments is a vital part of the service we offer to you. We pride ourselves on getting payments out as quickly as possible. We make rental deposits to the owner accounts on the 2nd & 4th week of each month. If the tenant does not turn in their rent on time to make the 2nd week bank run, it will be deposited the 4th week of that month. We also provide access to www.propertyware.com; this website has an owner’s portal that allows you to view any pending activity. Finally, at the end of the year we provide year end reports to facilitate tax preparation.
  • Q: What types of properties will you manage?

    A: We manage single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, townhouses, condos, and small to large multi-family apartment communities.
  • Q: How soon can I expect my payments to begin?

    A: Please allow 30 days after a “management agreement” is started before you start looking for payments on your property. Our goal is your total satisfaction, but there is a process to go through.
  • Q: Will you handle my short term or vacation rentals?

    A: We currently do not handle short term or vacation rental properties at this time.
  • Q: How are rents paid to me?

    A: We deposit all payments electronically on the 2nd and 4th week of every month.
  • Q: Will you make mortgage payments for me on my property?

    A: We will facilitate the payment of mortgages on multifamily property only at this time.
  • Q: Can I get new photos of my home?

    A: We can have photos of your property taken for your records; there is a charge of $200 for this service. Our customer service department can arrange this for you if you choose. In addition to this, any time work is performed on your property, photos will be taken of the work before and after completion, and added to the owner portal.